Hi. I'm emiko! I'm 24 years old, Turkish-German heritage, born January 19 (Capricorn), 1983 in New Jersey. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA, and I love it here. I live with my boyfriend, two cats, and a plethora of fishie friends.

I've been doing kisekae and pixel dolls for about 6 years, I think... This layout and site is probably the 20th reincarnation since the begining ^^;;

Other then pixels, I like crafty things, like beading, felting (wet or needle), papercrafts, reconstructing, ATCs, and a bit of light handsewing when the mood strikes me (ie, not often).

Workwise I'm 'in between jobs'. Current projects though are working at a local night club, modeling, and in general being cute.

Generally I'm your cliche goth girl. I wear black a lot and have interesting hair. I hang out at clubs too late and smoke cloves too much.

I'll try to update this later with something more interesting! For now, here's a picture of yours truely: